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Develop models, not infrastructure

Preemo helps data scientists focus on developing ML models by providing serverless ML infra, so you don't need to rely on engineering
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why Preemo

Preemo for
Data Scientists

Preemo takes care of scaling your data infrastructure as your data complexity grows. Don’t worry about figuring out how to schedule your training or inference pipelines, or monitor your deployed systems —we have that all handled.

Develop like you're a local

Don't worry about the complexity of distributed systems. Just specify your data tasks and we'll take care of the rest. It's as easy as developing in your local environment.

An all-in-one ML platform

Easily collect data, set up training and inference pipelines, instrument monitors, and deploy models in hours. Don't worry about scaling your systems as you grow.

Automatic data observability

When you set up a data destination, we automatically instrument data quality monitoring and anomaly detection using advanced machine learning systems. Never worry about your ML systems failing silently again.