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Ship ML apps in record time.

Preemo helps data scientists ship ML apps in record time through a serverless, AI-augmented machine learning platform
what is Preemo

Auto-ML Deployment

We provide all the data infrastructure you need to stand up your ML apps in a warehouse-native platform. Get up and running 10x faster, no data engineering required.
Dispatch serverless distributed tasks that infinitely scale
Orchestrate ML pipelines with task dependency graphs
Execute tasks without leaving your notebook
Move and access data on the fly from 150+ sources and destinations
Automatic data quality monitoring
Enrich your ML workflows with external data
Automatic end to end data quality monitoring
ML-powered anomaly detection and alerting
Bundled into transparent, simple pricing

Get up and running in days, not months

Don’t deal with connecting multiple infrastructure vendors to your data sources or data warehouse. Set it up once and you’re done.

Pay a reasonable price for everything

Focus on delivering great insights, instead of worrying about your bills. Save on average 65% or more on your infra costs.

Get fully interoperable, scalable data systems

Move data from anywhere to anywhere, and triage data issues instantly with our end to end observability.

How Preemo helps
different teams

Data Scientists

Scale your impact by focusing on ML development. Deploy and monitor ML systems in a fraction of the time.
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Marketing Teams

Get better ads and email targeting by building customer insights. Activate these insights to target customers more effectively.
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Customer Success Teams

Be more proactive and don’t let a high value customer churn out. Easily monitor and receive alerts on user activity.
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Sales Teams

Improve your sales processes and identify high priority customers by augmenting your sales activity with customer data and machine learning.
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