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A truly open LLM developer API

The only LLM developer API that helps companies build private AI applications that they own.
what is Preemo

AI apps for your business in a single API

Develop and deploy proprietary AI applications to solve for any business need in a fully managed, infinitely scalable cloud platform. All with a single API call.

API First Developer Platform

Fine tune and deploy AI applications all with the Preemo API - no infrastructure needed.

You own the models

Get full control and ownership over your AI applications. Ensure that you always have consistent quality, low latency, and high uptime.

Fully private AI applications

Unlike OpenAI, the models you develop are yours and yours alone. Noone else has access the model or your data.

How Preemo helps
different teams

Applied Scientists

Scale your impact by focusing on AI development. Deploy and monitor custom models that solve business specific problems.
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ML Engineers

Develop and ship custom models faster than ever before. Increase complexity of insights, not infrastructure.
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App Developers

Build AI into your applications instantly with a single API call. No need to figure out how to manage your models.
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Infra Teams

Power your LLM infrastructure with instant, on-demand distributed computing without any maintenance costs.
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